Design Services

We understand that designing and building a new home or remodel project may be your biggest investment yet, and therefore, we offer comprehensive services. When a client engages in With The Grain Design Services, we approach the process with the same customization that we bring to our building services.

Each client is different, and each project is different. To achieve success, we work closely with our clients to understand their vision and needs. Then, by blending functionality and creativity, we bring that vision to life with a design that integrates efficiency, comfort, and style.

Of course, the natural environment gets a voice in how the project takes shape. Whether this is through solar gain, natural lighting, scenic views, sustainable materials, or otherwise, With The Grain always closely considers this in the design process. Because our Principals have a background in building and LEED accreditation, we strive to maintain a building sustainability standard. We look at ways to limit our impact on the footprint that we create with each project.

By choosing With The Grain as a design-builder, you keep two major components of the building process under the same roof. This guarantees clear communication and limits the possibility of corrections during the building process. Of course, if clients come to us with their own architects, we are happy to collaborate with them. Because we speak the same language, With The Grain offers a clear transition from architecture through building.