Building Means & Methods

With The Grain provides superior construction driven by a commitment to understanding homeowner lifestyle, maximizing the home site's characteristics, and executing unparalleled craftsmanship.

With The Grain has built hand-crafted-log, milled-log, timber-framed, hybrid-timber-framed, traditional-framed, and post-and-beam (using round or square timbers) homes.

Building a custom home requires a significant investment of time, money, and energy. We appreciate and match this commitment by offering the company's partners as dedicated project managers.

With The Grain's construction services include:

  • Providing constructability and value engineering assessments throughout the design and engineering phase. These assessments identify obstacles before construction begins, which reduces and/or prevents errors, delays, and cost overruns during construction.
  • Providing straightforward project accounting practices and budget reviews where estimates and expenditures are transparent to the owner.
  • Performing overall project quality control.
  • Using our in-house craftsmen/women to construct many phases of the project.
  • Selecting loyal subcontractors through a competitive-bidding process.
  • Coordinating subcontractor schedules.
  • Maintaining a safe, clean, and organized project site.

Things to consider when planning to build a custom home:

  • Architectural plans can take two to six months to produce.
  • Covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) that apply to your home should be reviewed and discussed during the design phase.
  • Extra time prior to construction should be factored into the master schedule if your plans require homeowner-association approval.
  • Construction of a custom home can take a minimum of 12 months and depends largely on the complexity of the design, square footage, and seasonal conditions.
  • Seasonal conditions can impact your cost and schedule.
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